Walter White Westworld Paint it Black Ford Truck TV Commercial

Walter White is back! Is he going to be in season 3 of Westworld? In the latest Ford Truck TV Commercial we see, none other than, Bryan Cranston (Heisenberg from Breaking Bad) dress as a host. There is also a scene in the commercial in which he looks like he is in Westworld. There has been no rumor of Bryan Cranston in Westworld Season 3 but remember that Aaron Paul, who plays Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad has been confirmed in Westworld Season 3. Is there any way we will see Walter White in Westworld?!

Here is the Ford Truck Westworld TV Commercial:

We will continue to research and dig to find if Bryan Cranston may have a guest appearance in the 3rd season of Westworld. After a crazy finale to Westworld Season 2, the writers really need to put something special together to get some of the fans back that did not enjoy, nor figure out, the ending of season 2.

Do you like this commercial? Do you think other car companies or car dealerships will start to use TV shows like Westworld in their TV commercials? Did you happen to notice the Paint it Black piano version from Westworld in the background of the Walter White Ford Truck commercial?

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