Where Do I Know Hector Escaton From Westworld – Lost!

Well, we know there are tons of Lost and Westworld connections but you might not have known this one. Hector Escaton, you know, the one that Maeve and Charlotte Hale bone, was Paulo from that terrible and ridiculous Lost episode “Nikki and Paulo”. Season 3, Episode 14 for those wondering. They were also in Season 3, episode 3 “”Further Instructions”.

Here is the opening scene of the episode that ends with them getting buried alive:

People hated the characters in Lost but Hector Escaton is well liked in Westworld. In fact, he could end up being one of the main protagonists in Season 2 if he joins Maeve’s army and gets out of Westworld. Don’t count on that though!

One thought on “Where Do I Know Hector Escaton From Westworld – Lost!

  1. cindy

    Rodrigo Santoro is amazing!
    Paulo in “Lost”, but…
    Karl in “Love Actually”
    Xerxes in “300” and “300:Rise of Empire”
    Jesus in ‘Ben-hur” and
    Hector Escaton in “Westworld”.

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