Is Delos Creating Hosts Out of Visitors and Sending Them Back?

Today I stumbled upon this theory about Delos and Westworld:

So, in essence, what they are saying is Delos is bringing in the most wealthy people, presumably from the United States, to the park to generate income. At $40,000 a day, one can assume only the most successful and wealthy have an opportunity to visit the park.

Delos makes you sign a contract that says they control the rights to all skin cells, bodily fluids, hair samples, saliva, sweat and even blood. Basically, they own your DNA when you decide to visit the park. While you are in the park, they use your DNA to build an exact replica of you that is a controllable host. In the park, as a human, they give you the time of your life by allowing you to drink, kill and have as much sex as you so desire.

With this being so enticing, they wealthy jump all over it; literally. We know the rich and famous love to do as they please, especially when it comes to sex, drugs and rock and roll. Delos is taking this DNA, creating hosts and sending the hosts back to the real world while leaving the visitors at Westworld.

The hosts are then used to recruit even more of the rich and famous. Remember, Delos is a company so they are looking to get as many participants or visitors as possible. The more people that visit the park at $40,000 a day, the more money they can make.

This is a very interesting theory and it makes complete sense. What do you think? Is Delos using Westworld to get rich people to visit so they can make them hosts and send them back to the real world?

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