The Year Robert Ford was Shot by Dolores

We found this date as the “present” date for Westworld: This was taken from the security footage on If we know that it is 2052 when the Gala Event happens and Dolores shoots Ford we know the William and Logan storyline was 34 years prior. This makes that storyline 2018 or, basically next year when season 2 will air. Sorry, all these timelines can be confusing. All you need to know is that Robert Ford is shot by Dolores in 2052.

Is Dolores Ford’s Wife or Daughter?

After Dolores asked for “Are we very old friends?” and Ford replied, “No, I wouldn’t say friends. I wouldn’t say that as well” I thought there was much more to the Ford and Dolores relationship. My initial reaction was that Ford and Dolores were husband and wife. After some interesting discussion on Reddit r/Westworld, there is a strong possibility Dolores is Ford’s daughter. This is the conversation with Ford and Dolores in episode 5 “Contrapasso”: Here are my theories as to why Dolores is Ford’s wife or daughter. If she killed Arnold, Ford’s best friend, why would Ford keep her...